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Taiwan boasts some very impressive scenic sites, and Taipei is a vibrant center of culture and entertainment. The island is also a center of Chinese pop culture with a huge and vibrant entertainment industry. Taiwanese cuisine is also highly regarded. The Japanese enjoy taking short trips to come over and stay and enjoy its neighboring hospitalities. Lately with the relaxation of restrictions there is an increasing number of mainland Chinese visiting the Island nation.

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Lowland Taiwan has a marine tropical climate during the summer, with sweltering, humid weather (above 30°C, 86°F) from Jun-Sep. In the winter the weather is influenced by the nearby continent, and in the northern areas the temperature can go as low as 8°C at night. The best time of year to visit is from Oct-Dec, although the occasional typhoons can spoil the fun. Spring is also nice, although it rains more than during autumn. During the typhoon season, the east coast bears the brunt of the damage as it is facing the Pacific Ocean

New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Standard Mandarin

It is allowed for foreigners to buy property in Taiwan with the approval of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), more information can be found on http://www.moea.gov.tw

Buying property in Taiwan can be a tricky business, ensure you hire a good translater, lawyer and experienced agent. The process can cost around 8% of the sale price in fees and take two months to complete

You are advised to go with an agent, they will charge a fee (generally 2 weeks of the rent) but you can be assured that you will get a thorough tenancy contract which is on a yearly basis and paid monthly. Security deposits can range dependent on what area and what type of property you choose.

Equal to two weeks rent payable to the Agent