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Saint Kitts, also known more formally as Saint Christopher Island, is an island in the West Indies. The west side of the island borders the Caribbean Sea, and the eastern coast faces the Atlantic Ocean.

Nevis is a small island in the Caribbean Sea that forms part of the inner arc of the Leeward Islands chain of the West Indies.

Saint Kitts 46,000

Nevis 12,000

High-season rates start from around mid-December and go to mid-April. The best time to visit, price- and weatherwise, is November and early December. Winter days average a temperature of 81°F (27°C), while summers shoot up to 86°F (30°C).

Annual rainfall averages 55in and is fairly consistent throughout the year. The driest months are February to June, and the hurricane (and rainy) season is from July to November.

The four-day St Kitts Music Festival in June brings together top-name performers from throughout the Caribbean. For over 30 years between July and August, Nevis’ main event has been Culturama. Starting in mid-December, Carnival is the biggest yearly event on St Kitts.


East Caribbean dollar


Both locals (nationals of St Kitts and Nevis) and foreigners (non-nationals) can purchase St Kitts and Nevis real estate.

If you are a non-national, you will first need to obtain an Alien Land Holding License before you can purchase real estate here. The legislation governing this process is the Aliens Land Holding Regulation Act Cap. 102. Certain areas (e.g. the Frigate Bay area and a few other designated areas) are exempt from this requirement, so as a non-national you are able to purchase land in Frigate Bay without having to apply for an Alien Land Holding License.

Additionally, as a foreign national, if you are purchasing up to a maximum of two acres on the South East Peninsula for residential purposes, you will also be exempt from the provisions of the Aliens Land Holding Regulation Act Cap. 102.

The process of applying for the license can be facilitated through a local attorney, or if you prefer, you can decide to handle the process yourself. The entire application process usually takes about 3 months. The license fee is 10% of the purchase price of the property you intend on acquiring. However, the Alien Land Holding License fee has been waived for some Government approved developments located in the Whitegate Area, Frigate Bay and the South East Peninsula, as well as some developments in Nevis, as part of the package of incentives to encourage investment in these developments.


Purchasing property in St Kitts and Nevis is relatively easy, once you've decided on the type of property that fits your lifestyle and budget. 

Once you decide that you would like to purchase St Kitts real estate or property in Nevis, the purchase process is fairly straightforward. The steps below summarize the process of purchasing real estate in St Kitts and Nevis. 

Identify property to be purchased and negotiate and agree on the price and exactly what is included in the package. Although not required, I strongly recommend that you utilise the services of a reputable and knowledgeable real estate professional who can assist you in identifying suitable properties that meet your requirements.

Engage a local attorney to represent you in the real estate transaction.

Sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Usually a deposit of between 10-15% of the sales price is required by the vendor to reserve the property, contingent on approval of the Alien Land Holding License if applicable.

Apply for the Alien Land Holding License if applicable. Please note that the license is specific to a property and is non-transferable.

Once the Alien Land holding License is approved, closing on the property can proceed. Closing can take anywhere from two to four months and involves the due diligence process, the payment of the balance due on the purchase price and related real estate closing costs and fees and transfer of deed or certificate of title.



At closing, in addition to the balance due on the purchase price of the property, closing costs paid by the buyer include the 10% Alien Land Holding License fee (if applicable), legal fees of around 2% and other fees including Registration Fee (only applicable to land held by Title), Assurance Fund (similar to title insurance and only applicable to land held by Title) and Survey Fees. The breakdown of the fees are as follows:

Alien Land Holding License fee: 10%

Legal Fees
Legal fees related to the preparation and registration of a Memorandum of Transfer are calculated according to the following cumulative scale:

  • First EC$25,000: 2.5%
  • Next EC$25,000: 2%
  • Next EC$950,000: 1%
  • Over EC$1,000,000: 0.5%

Registration Fee: EC$7.20 or approximately US$3.00

Assurance Fund: 0.2%

Survey Fees: EC$500 - $1,000 if an actual survey needs to be undertaken.

information by http://www.discover-stkitts-nevis-beaches.com/

Properties are easy to find with the right agent, short or long term.

Rents are paid montly with one months security deposit. 

Serviced apartments are also available fully furnished with maids rooms and all utilities.

Contracts are in English.

One months agency fee payably by the Tenant to the Agent.