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Nigeria, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is a federal constitutional republic comprising 36 states and its Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

174 million 

Oct–Jan Your best bet for dry weather.

Jun–Aug Nigeria’s rainy season and usually quite wet, but not necessary to avoid.


Nigerian naira

The official language is English 

Yes but only on leashold.

All property belongs to the State. Foreigners cannot acquire or own real estate in Nigeria. Properties can be leased for terms of 99 years.

Identify what your objectives are for the property you're looking for. This will determine the location, type and budget for the property

Deal only with estate agents who are registered members of NIESV - Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers or developers who are registered with Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria

Procure the services of a good lawyer with experience in Land and property transactions. 

Avoid Cash settlements - stick with Bank drafts and cheques. This can be tracked more easily and the processed halted before the receiver is even credited if anything happens. 

There is no easy way to determine the real landowners hence buy only through reputable developers/agents.

The fees and taxes associated with this process amount to approximately 10% of the sale price and are paid by the buyer.

Identify the property you wish to rent or go straight to an estate agent and inquire for the property type at the desired area. 

Avoid uncompleted buildings promising to deliver at a later date after you pay upfront or renting houses through a friend who's moving out for various reasons.

As usual, pay with cheque or bank draft unless the Landlord totally refuses anything besides cash. Then make sure u pay him in front of a witness and collect a receipt on the spot. 

Collect the house keys immediately and proceed to the house to change the locks to the main door too. Never rent a house with people still living in it.

Equal to one months rent paid to the Agent by the Tenant