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The Sultanate of Brunei (Full name: Negara Brunei Darussalam) is a small but - thanks to natural gas and petroleum resources - very rich country located in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by Malaysia and has two parts physically separated by Malaysia, almost being an enclave. Strategically located on the South China Sea, close to vital sea lanes linking Indian and Pacific Oceans, it has an exclusive economic fishing zone that extends as far as Louisa Reef in the southern Spratly Islands although it makes no public territorial claim to the offshore reefs


The climate in Brunei is tropical equatorial and humid subtropical at higher altitudes with heavy rainfall. Bandar Seri Begawan's climate is tropical equatorial with two seasons. Dry season is extremely hot (24 to 36 °C or 75.2 to 96.8 °F. Wet or rainy season is generally warm and wet (20 to 28 °C or 68 to 82.4 °F).

Brunei Dollar

A foreigner can only own property by POA, (Power of Attorney from a local who would register in their name and give you authority) this is because land ownership is a sensitive issue here due to it's small land mass and other political issues. It is only in recent years that foreigners have been able to invest in land and property in Brunei and it is still very much in the early days of welcoming foreign investment. Previously buyers could only lease land unless they had written permission from the Head of State, which was almost impossible to get. House prices have increased over the last few years, but this is due as much to the rising cost of construction as it is to the influx of foreign investment. House prices did not suffer in the global economic crisis as they did in other countries. If you wish to invest in property in Brunei, now is a good time as the country is making a great effort to stimulate its economy, which is currently reliant upon the gas and oil industries. At the moment only a small percentage of land is privately owned, which means that there is much more available.

• Generally leases are for two years or longer and rent is paid monthly • The security deposit is between 2-3 months • The tenant pays the Agents fee which is variable